Új MA program a CEU-n: Cultural Heritage Studies

2014. 02 06. csütörtök, 20:00

A Central European University Medieval Studies tanszéke új, kétéves MA programot indít “Cultural Heritage Studies: Academic Research, Policy, Management” címmel, amelyre várják a jelentkezőket. A programról bővebb információ itt olvasható.

The new program is intended to educate individuals who wish to become heritage experts and practitioners, developing aptitudes for critical assessment, the ability to reflect on major and minor, theoretical and practical, issues of managing or otherwise treating with cultural heritage. The goal of the program is to educate adaptable graduates who will be able to work at various levels in cultural heritage/cultural resource management. These graduates are coming from different cultural and educational background, essential for the character of the program at CEU. The combination of local and regional heritage trends with a more general understanding of heritage (World Heritage) is a key element in the conceptual framework of the master program.

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