Konferencia felhívás: The lost village – state and perspectives of research

2014. 08 11. hétfő, 8:20

A konferencia időpontja és helyszíne: 2014. október 16-17., Chorzów, Lengyelország.

Jelentkezési határidő: 2014. augusztus 31.

“The inspiration for organizing the conference is divergence between the state of knowledge on late medieval and modern villages in Poland and other central European countries as well as the increasing interest in the history of the former settlements, reaching beyond the questionnaire and methods of ethnography and requiring other research methods – more typical for such areas of study as archeology, history, historical geography. New research questions cause widening of the scope of chronological and substantive research on the historical rural settlements, and therefore require more interdisciplinary approach to the so-stated research problem.”

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